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Privacy policy

ClinCloud Ltd. as follow has defined its privacy policy and composed the frame work of privacy information. ClinCloud continues to make the all employees aware of the importance of handing the information in order to maintain in this way.

Managing Privacy Information

ClinCloud Ltd. maintains client’s privacy information up-to-dated accurately and prevents from security bleach, losing, disrupting, falsifying and leaking the information. With maintaining, managing its security system, training the employees on privacy information seamlessly, ClinCloud takes measures of security aspects.

Purpose of Utilizing Privacy Information

ClinCloud only will utilize the information received from clients in response for announcing its operations or/and to inquiries by email.

Prohibiting Disclosure and Distribution of Privacy Information to 3rd Parties

ClinCloud will be maintaining privacy information accurately and not be sharing it with any 3rd party expect for meeting any of the followings. 

・If client approves

・If client seeks a sub-contract service (ClinCloud sub-contracts) that needs the disclosure of the information

・If required for disclosure by laws

Safety Measures for Privacy Information

ClinCloud takes measures of security compliances to secure the accuracy and safety of privacy information.

Identification Verification

If client requests for identifying, correcting, deleting its information ClinCloud will action accordingly upon confirm of identification verification.

Compliance and Revision with Laws/Norms

ClinCloud endeavors to comply with the Japanese laws applied for handing the personal information and review adequately the policy to make improvements.

Contact for Privacy Information

Please contact our us below for Privacy Information. 

ClinCloud Ltd.
2nd Floor PMO Nihonbashi Edodori
Nihonbashi Kodenbacho Nihonbashi Chuo-ku Tokyo, Japan
TEL. +81 (0) 3 6822 4219
FAX. +81 (0) 3 6880 4927

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