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  • 臨床試験
  • 製造販売後調査
  • 自己報告データ収集

Post-Marketing Surveillance

Due to find out safety and effectiveness of medical supplies that we cannot make sure at the clinical trials, we are required to research them right after outing on sale based on a guideline about the way to research medical supplies after sale in Japan. However, some cases have unknown research purpose and others are not based on a research subject as RMP(Risk Management Plan). In these cases, pharmaceutical companies cannot collect profitable data for analyzing safety and effectiveness of medicines even though they spend a lot of time and cost. As an EDC vender, we think we can make a communication path between doctors and pharmaceutical companies thicker by simplifying the way to construct data collection based on a research purpose and reducing doctors’ paperwork. We have developed and released JPMS (Japan Post Marketing Severance) to help you construct a better environment for medical supplies through constructing/managing the after sale research inexpensively and quickly based on RMP. JPMS is composed by three modules: 1 EDC module, 2 Coding module, 3 Site Management module (2 and 3 are currently being developed.) Each features are below. You should obtain the trust of doctors and patients to improve your enterprise value with PMS system.

JPMS Coding

It’s a medical coding module. It’s currently being developed.

JPMS Site Management

This module manages facilities. It’s currently being developed.

JPMS EDC module

Compact and simple home screen

  • Information about your patients
  • State of research progression
  • Notice from companies
  • Ad-hoc-report output function
  • Information about training

Various input supporting functions

  • Alert on the Web screen (hard stop/soft stop)
  • Pop-up hints and input

Dynamic navigation function

  • Skip to an item you want to input
  • Color display to tell you completed/uncompleted items

Various report output function

  • Login history
  • Adverse events report


  • Easy function to send and manage query
  • E-mail notification
  • Temporary data storage
  • Abstract data (SAS) on demand