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  • 臨床試験
  • 製造販売後調査
  • 自己報告データ収集

Products and services

ClinCloud adopts the newest technology and offers systems that support clinical trials, Post marketing surveillance, adverse event/safety information management and self-report data collection made for Japan. Our experienced team with expert knowledge totally supports you whenever you need to make the process of your business more effective and efficiently make your budget appropriate. We also design and construct an environment for clinical trials and provide hosting service, help desk service and training service.

臨床試験(EDC: Electronic Data Capture)

We cooperate with a big American EDC vendor DATATRAK and offer an operational environment from DATATRAK ONE in Japan. DATATRAK ONE is used for clinical trials at over 1,000 clinical trials in the world. People generally say that this EDC system is multifunctional, high-performance and user-friendly. It drastically cut the cost.

製造販売後調査(PMS: Post-Marketing Surveillance)

We have localized a post marketing surveillance system that has been used abroad for Japanese market, and registered a trademark as our product called
JPMS (Japan Post-Marketing Surveillance). JPMS frees you from a lot of paperwork at work.

自己報告データ収集(ePRO:Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes)

We offer ePRO system that has been used in Japan and other countries. Since it has adopted the newest technology, you can use it regardless of carrier
(including feature phones.)